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I was trying to suppress pics and articles, it took almost 2 years and a lot of money and they were sloppy and accomplished literally nothing. below is a log of what happened and emails.

I will always make sure to send you any and all content for review before we publish it on the Internet. I will also work to create an optimized Virtual Firewall that will help prevent unwelcome material from appearing in the search engines. 4/19/16 - James R BrandonR - started campaign - did hear for a couple weeks after I paid and did questionaire He started mixing up the two businesses as early as 5/15/16 - and these has been a recurring error committed as early as last week. I cant tell you how many times I have had that conversation.

"Thank you and we will advise the SEO team of the error and make sure it's avoided in the future." "Yes my team should be splitting the information that's already online and I've also sent an email to my SEO team to avoid future issues. " (5/17/16) 6/1/16 another error 7/7/16 - pics still on first page Brandon - "Understood and trust me I'm watching them. We're still working and have a lot of work to be done." 8/9/16 - Can you please not use my name in the tweets on Mass Mobile Massage - mixing up the businesses again. - Brandon reply 8/12/16 - Understood and that makes perfect sense.

I will advise the team. - this is another time I am promised it wont happen again. 11/28/16 - "please dont mix the music and the massage" - so it happened again, mixing the businesses. 1/27/17 - I emailed Brandon asking for an update cuz it was 2 months, he did not reply again it was Tesha who took over - 5/26/17 I emailed again asking what was going on, no changes no update in weeks.

6/30 I finally heard back from someone - Gayon B - 7/5/17 replied - apologizing for another error an incorrect automated message? "Please disregard the automated message sent to you on the 3rd of July. We are currently 3/4 way through your current round and your final progress report for this round will be sent to you very soon. Sorry for any inconvenience caused." 9/1/17 - again mixing music and massage 2 different businesses and explain for over a year at this point.

"not approved, I do not like to mix the music and the massage company 2 different things" 11/11/17 - Rebecca had taken over - she asked for pictures and I had already provided over 100, which was very time consuming. 11/12/17 - first time asked to give photo discriptions so I did, very time consuming. "They have asked for descriptions to be given with the pictures so that they can work on the image suppression. If you can give me a couple of descriptions that you would like attached to some pictures, I can pass this on to the SEO team." 10/27/17 - said I would see image progress now.

" We are continuing to work on the image suppression. We should see some positive progress soon." to date there is still no progress. 10/31/17 - Another error, posting mixing massage and music, very sloppy work. Rebecca said.

"This needs to be fixed as soon as possible and I will get the process started to get it removed asap and prevent it from happening again. I apologize and will let you know when it is taken care of. Thank you, Rebecca" 11/1/17 provided rebeccca another link with mixing music and massage she said "I reiterated that these can't be mixed and will personally keep my eye on it all. It should be removed by the end of the day if not sooner." 11/27/17 again an email and post that mixed both businesses "Houston, Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

I have forwarded it to the team to be fixed and asked them to clarify where the articles for Mass Mobile Massage are being posted. Thank you, Rebecca" 11/28/17 - sent another post incorrect - she was not personally taking care of it. she said - "Houston, I escalated this and we are having a meeting to rectify this ongoing issue and prevent it from happening again. I apologize and will let you know the outcome.

Thank you, Rebecca" 11/30/17 - yesteday at 6am this was posted to my fb massage page it talks about the music stuff on the massage page again.

12/13/17 - i sent a copy of the search, all the pics we were trying to busy are in the first 3 lines. no improvement after over a year and a half.

Product or Service Mentioned: Internetreputation Reputation Management Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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