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I tried for months to get my mugshots removed from the Internet. I emailed the mugshot sites, I tried calling them and I got ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE!

Then I stumble across this company and fork over almost $1500 and all the sudden my mugshots are gone. How is this fair?? How can this company do this so easily, but I struggled for months? Something does not add up here!!!

What happened to open markets and private information>=? How can one company control an entire industry?

This is absolutely crazy. They must have some contact with Google or the mugshot websites that we don't know about, how can this be legal?

Product or Service Mentioned: Internetreputation Reputation Management Service.

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have you ever noticed they pick on the easy targets withheld dismissed nolo and hang you up to make up some story


It is my understanding that the company was formed from former Google employees. Not sure how I heard this though.


Everybody is saying that they take your money and don't help did you notice that they did help you remove it?


They removed my stuff but they charged me over $1000 for it, give me a break!!! It's not fair they can monopolize a market like this and charge outrageous fees. I guess that's capitalism at its finest