They did a great job for me. $300 dollars and mugshot gone about 2 hrs after it went up. Very pleased.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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I think this pissed consumers is part of mugshots.com


o wonder if rep is registered in Nevis the narcotic's trafficking stop


truth is we all have a bad rep all we do is bulldoze pollutes and starve wildlife out of home.


if to really have a consumer compaint go to bbb cost you nothing


just another boring system i have seen better money systems on the internet. believe less then half of what you hear and keep moving forward reputations are or might be attorneys I am not sure


Nice. You might be interested in this free tool that lets you check out how your business stand with your competitors - http://bit.ly/aor-report


You could have easily saved $300 by emailing the website customer support to opt-out or submitting an opt-out request on their website. You would most likely need proof of expungement or your public records being sealed (have to be expunged first).

It wouldn't take longer than 30 days to remove your information (most likely within a couple of days). Way to waste your money


It is so clear to see that in my opinion Internet Reputation owns foridabusted, floridablotter, usinq and justmugshots.com. It is illegal for the actual mugshot site to charge removal fee but it is not illegal to advertise the service of a removal company. They are smart crooks, they own the mugshots sites, but pretend as if a separate unrelated company will remove the mugshot.


Hi, I work for InternetReputation.com. I just wrote a review about how my own company "InternetReputation.com" removed my mugshot from the very website I work for.

I believe that you are so *** *** that you will believe that it really happened that way! By the way, did I tell you that I am imagining that you are the cutest little dumb-*** that ever read my review? Please have a nice *** day!


We will gladly *** over anyone who is *** enough to pay us $500.00

Thank You-*** You

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #1178979

Help me if you work there. Pay $ 500 and you deleted an arrest whose charges were dismissed.

After a few months, they reappeared. It's a shakedown?

What I can do? Help!!!

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