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4 comments is a GIANT EXTORTION SCAM!

Here is my story.

I found my mugshot was published on a website and accessible VIA search engines like Google!

I accessed the site and looked all through it. Next to my mugshot is an offer to remove it. I wasn't sure about the legality of this ans asked some friends.

A 'Remove This Mugshot' link was readily available next to my mugshot, and all the mugshots they published. I was thinking "this is a nice little scam these people have". Reluctantly, I clicked the link and was able to input my credit card, hoping the site would remove the mugshot. There was no third-party agency was involved. I paid the site DIRECTLY to remove it.

When I checked my credit card account to see who billed me, I was shock to see that merchant listed on the transaction was INTERNETREPUTATION.COM! They conveniently LEFT THEIR NAME OFF THE RECEIPT, odd? Turns out, they flat-out OWN mugshot databases and charge people to remove them, and then have the audacity to call themselves a "reputation firm" ***


I am making this report because this company is a deceitful extortion racket masquerading as a "reputation firm".

I called their number 800-758-9012 to give them a piece of my mind. I looked them up and saw that Gary Bloom is a primary participant in the criminal-like activity. is nothing but a couple ***-heads operating a Scam-Extortion Rip-Off.

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I am not the one to complain but has anyone noticed mugshots come and go or stay within the domain and some are cannibalized permanent .they remain on domains for years and years even the pic does not look like the person anymore. Almost like some kind of alliance on you. This is only a computer but really


So could it be you clicked on an ad?


I've been through exactly the same thing. They do in fact make the link appear as a different company, but it's really one and the same.

My case was dismissed and ordered expunged from the record by a judge. Even though the state agreed to remove my arrest record, "Internet Reputation" refused to do so unless I payed them their extortion money.

Even though I could easily pay them extortion money, I refused. The despicable thing is that they primarily prey on people who are down and out and can least afford to pay for their services.


stop getting scammed by these so called reputation management companies that charge you before work is done.

give me a shout at: and ill take care of your online reputation at no charge until the entire situation is fixed! thats right, ZERO RISK, if im unable to perform, you dont pay me a single penny (95% success rate.) theres no point risking thousands and not getting anything for it!!

I am purely result driven, this means you don't risk anything because if I'm unable to provide you the results, you dont pay anything! no catch, no risk, no setup fee, no deposit.

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