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A guy named Chris at internet reputation using the phone # 1-720-204-2833 just stole $399 from my mother. He is NOT trustworthy about removing mugshots!! He will actually go against the services promised and make your mugshot more visible. Do not give him money!! In due time..god has a perfect place for CHRIS

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Ridiculous waste of 800 dollars to remove a mugshot all they did was move it from images google to the botttom of the page what a rip off *** these motherfukkers I bet there so fukin stoned in denver co they dont even know whata *** their doing

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If you are seeking professional assistance with online reputation management, avoid at all costs It is a wildly oversold scam, producing no product or service beyond processing your payment. I am now forced to waste precious time in the court system to recover my $3000 lost to this process. The offerings described do not occur. The quality and nature of what is "done" is laughable, and ignores all aspects of the... Read more

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They will take your money and forget who you are and your very unlikely to see results in any way

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I called them to get pricing. They instantly had my name with caller ID and began to be very hash and pushy. I told them I would think about it and the next day, they posted more derogatory things about me online. DO NOT EVEN CALL THEM!!! Chris is the Sales Manager and he's a total piece of garbage. He will try to bully you and extort you. It will all come back to him. I will make sure of it. He is preying on people who are down and out.... Read more

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They posted a mugshot from an arrest that the city attorney never even filed. The case wasn't dropped, it was never picked up because it was without merit and this company who is obviously working with the website posting the picture wants to charge me to remove it? They are predators. A real criminal would have no interest in removing this info, but good people with a blemish would and do. I'm going to dig a little and see how closely tied they... Read more

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I recently had a mishap with the law that was expunged. Internet Reputation go a hold of my mugshot and I paid $500 to have it removed. A month later is showed back up again and they now want $2000. I would not pay them a nickel for their services and here is the reason why: No company can break an website link. It would be against the law and all different types of businesses would be going after their competition with this method. The... Read more

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Where is an attorney that has the backbone to do the right thing and put these *** out of business. We need these companies brought to court. We need to put the people behind this scam in prison. They have no right. They claim the information is public knowledge, which is true but them creating websites to post the information out there as much as possible is a disgrace. Who is the CEO of this *** hole? These scammers are complete worthless... Read more

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They did a great job for me. $300 dollars and mugshot gone about 2 hrs after it went up. Very pleased. Read more

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